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Reusable Filter:
Resource Recycling has developed reusable paint booth filters designed to reduce waste and improve the environment. Reportedly trapping up to 94 percent of overspray, the filters allow for superior airflow and provide higher resistance. The result is a cleaner work area and a better work environment for the operator, without having to increase filter changeouts or invest in a larger exhaust motor. "In the past, conventional filters would load up, become very combustible, and be very dangerous to have around the shop. The Resource Recycling filter, however, defuses what would normally be a very hazardous situation," says judge Steve Jacobs, a division manager at Woodcraft Industries. "The great thing about this product is that it has an application in the one-man shop and in the 1,000 man shop."
Because the filters are designed to depth load instead of surface load, they will last two to five times longer than conventional filters before cleaning is required, and it is estimated that with proper maintenance, the filters will have a usable life of up to 15 years. Afterwards, the paint booth filters can be recycled without becoming a threat to the environment.
FDM machining Award recognizes products that push the envelope
Those who attended the International Woodworking Machinery & Furniture supply fair in Atlanta witnessed thousands of new and innovative products, yet only seven of those products earned the IWF's highest honor - the Challengers Award. The awards are presented biennially to companies that offer new products or new technology that will have a potentially significant impact on the woodworking industry.
"Mainly, we look for new technology or advancements that have broad applications throughout our industry," explains Richard Campbell, chairman of the Challengers Committee and president of Norwalk Furniture of Tennessee. "It's really very exciting because we get to preview the next step, the next generation in woodworking technology."
This year's competition, featuring over 100 entries from more than 70 companies, involved a lengthy selection process by 11 judges.