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What is Compaction?
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Why Do Many Fortune 500 Companies Use Resource Recycling's Portable Waste Mizerô Services?
  • To save 20%-70% over the cost of their current disposal plan.
  • To avoid making a major capital purchase plus train an employee for a piece of equipment they may use only once a week, month or quarter.
  • To let EPA know they are trying to minimize their waste when they fill out their Form R.
  • To eliminate your waste management headaches and reduce their liabilities for offsite disposal.
What is Compaction & Consolidation?
Resource Recycling takes a drum of solid hazardous or non-hazardous waste and reduces the apparent volume the waste occupies by eliminating air pockets. This is done by compacting the materials inside the drum with our unique (patented) mobile compactor. After compaction we consolidate the contents of your drums. This reduces the number of drums you have to ship off-site for disposal. This service saves you money because your company no longer pays to ship drums that are not filled to capacity. The fewer drums you ship off-site, the more money you save.
Compaction & Consolidation Service:
  • Saves You Money
  • Compacts Up to 80%
  • Lessens the Number of Drums Shipped Off-Site
  • Is Completely Portable
Reduces the Volume of:
Filter Cartridges, Filter Canisters, Filter Press Cakes, Paint Filters, Rags, Dried Paint, Paint Cans, Lacquer Dust, Oil Absorbent Socks, and most any compactable solids with minimal free liquids.