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About Our Filters
In 1996 Resource Recycling Inc. developed a reusable spray booth filter that looked like nothing on the market. It was such a revolutionary product it was patented. We told the future customers the filter should last 5 plus years. They replied that with the potential cost savings, they would be happy if it got them 2-3 years of service. Our competitors said the filter would be lucky to last one year, and besides, it could not filter out cotton balls much less paint over-spray. "Just look at it," they said, "if you hold it just right you can see light! How can that filter? Be careful or you will get yourself into trouble." Boy, were they all wrong. Currently better then 85% of our filters that are four years old are still being used. We won the International Woodworking Fair Challengers Award, and an Award for Environmental Contributions. Various state environmental agencies have written articles about the filter. We are now becoming one of the fastest growing filter manufacturers on the East Coast, and Mid-West. See what others have to say about our filters!
The reusable filter is designed to last 5-15 years, is up to 94% efficient, and a broom or EZ-Scraper will easily remove most particulate. For additional safety, an anti-static agent is included.
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Purchasing Agent
  • Save $$$ on the constant replacement cost of your current filter. RR filter provides years of trouble free service.
  • Save $$$ on labor cost to clean or replace your current filter. RR filter is depth loaded and will last 2-5 times longer before cleaning is required.
  • Save $$$ on the disposal cost of your filter.
  • Save $$$ on potential fines for improper disposal.
  • Save time on constant reordering.
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Finishing Foreman
  • Filters should last 5-15 years.
  • Filters should last 2-5 times longer before cleaning is required.
  • The filters can be cleaned with a broom!
  • Airflow is 2-5 times better than most filters. This means less particulate comes back on the parts or in the face of the operator.
  • Filter includes an anti-static agent, and solvents will evaporate off. This reduces the chances of a booth fire.
Environmental Manager
  • Eliminate potential violations for not meeting waste minimization requirements by both State and Federal Environmental Agencies. The Resource Recycling filter is reusable. No additional waste is generated. Just brush off or use dirty solvent to clean it.
  • Eliminate waste management headaches and liabilities associated with off-site disposal.
  • Eliminate potential violations for improper disposal of your filters.
  • Up to 94% efficiency means a cleaner work environment. (Ask for reprint #555).
  • Code Compliant with OSHA and the EPA. (We include an antistatic agent.)