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I have been using your filter for over seven years, and have over three hundred filters in my finishing booths. I have only had to replace four filters during that time. I know I will be able to get another seven years. The operators love them and say they can breathe better, and much easier to clean.
Burton Berry
EJ Victor
Six years ago I had bought over 900 Resource Recycling filters for all our booths. Payback for your filter was in 4 months for most of the booths. They had lasted over five years. Now I have moved to Kincaid and I have begun to purchase your filters for our plants there. I know the results will be the same again.
Barry Sparks
Kincaid Furniture
We are adding more booths so I will need more filters from your company. I have given your name to other companies that finish. I told them they would be a “fool” not to purchase your filter.
Tom Farthing
Webb Furniture
I have been using your filter for over seven years! I have been extremely pleased with how easy they are to work with. I have some workers that could break a crowbar and your filters still last.
Milton Manning
Elkin Furniture
We could have had a major fire with potential injury in our finishing room when a spark created by the contractor caused a fire in one booth. Fortunately the fire was contained in that one booth, because your filters just melted, not adding fuel to the fire like if I had used my old filter.