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Resource Recycling has been recycling solvents since 1991. Most of our customers use solvents for cleaning or coating material for finishing applications in metal, plastic or wood. We have customers of all sizes ranging from 1 to over 900 employees. Resource Recycling can provide your company the most popular new solvents. We can also custom blend solvents. They are sold in bulk or 55 gallon drums. We can also provide a select few solvents that are reclaimed.

Our most popular solvents are:

  • Acetone*
  • Blanket Wash (Printers)
  • IPA
  • MEK*
  • Methanol*
  • N-Butyl Acetate*
  • Paint Remover (w/MCL)
  • Thinners (low and medium grade)
  • Toluene*
  • Wash Off Thinner
  • Xylene
* Bulk or Drums

We will be happy to talk with you about your solvent needs, and provide you a sample if requested

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